Gravity Falls Ducktective Wallpapers


Quack! 🕵🦆
If you need to increase your logical and analytical skills this Gravity Falls wallpaper pack can help you. Or if you need to solve any mysterious situation or find someone 🔍 or something 📦, this custom set will come in handy too. So, what is so special in these aesthetic iPhone wallpapers?
The main hero – Ducktective is the 💎 icing on the cake. This skilled investigator can solve any murder or crime 🔫. Because Ducktective is the genius sleuth duck. Moreover, he’s a kind of Sherlock Holmes in the Gravity Falls dimension. 🕵😻
Our Ducktective Gravity Falls wallpapers include three different pictures for your phone. But each of them contains a famous duck photo, to gain your detective abilities. If you like this custom wallpaper pack and have already downloaded ⤵️ it, we have more Gravity Falls projects here – Quack! Quack! Quack! 🦆🕵

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