Gravity Falls Water Tower Wallpapers


Hello! Today we want to show our new project – GRAVITY FALLS WATER TOWER WALLPAPERS. As we previously said, this animated cartoon series is full of mysteries😎 and hidden 🔍symbols, where each rock and building has a specific meaning. So let’s check for secrets in this cool Gravity Falls wallpapers set. 

At first glance, it’s just a water tower, that helped Stan Pines to cure his fear of heights. Also, it’s one of the perfect observation decks to view the Gravity Falls, and awesome composition for our amazing iPhone wallpapers pack. Is that all? No, it isn’t. The eyewitnesses👀 claim that on the opposite tower’s side has a painting, ambiguous painting. It depicts an explosion or a muffin. So, download ⤵️these Gravity Falls wallpapers to let in some fable in your life.

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