⚫️🖤🥷 Dark it’s not about the color but the state of mind.
From time to time, our dark side 😈 can go outside, and we can do some bad things or just feel bad. Such a thing may happen with everyone, even your favorite anime characters. Thus, these cool PFPS dedicate to this topic.
As far as you see, this dark aesthetic anime pfp pack, include lots of famous character, like Naruto, Shoto Todoroki, Zoro, etc. Some of them are sad, while others are smiling, but since it’s a dark anime pfp set, so their real feelings may be hidden deep inside, under the happy mask. 🤡
On the other side, you can consider this Discord anime pfp project as discolored 🤍🖤 variations of your favorite characters. It doesn’t make them evil.
Listen to you your heart, and choose ✅ our black anime pfp set.

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