Welcome to our new aesthetic anime pfp project that depicts the legendary ⚔️ Hunter Kurapika from the Kurta Clan. The list of Kurapika regalias is quite long. He’s a Blacklist Hunter🗡, the leader of a mafia organization👤, and a member of the Zodiacs (the group of 12 best Hunters).
Looking at this Kurapika pfp you may notice his pretty face and blonde hair👱. But don’t be fooled by his appearance. This young man is a skillful Hunter that pursues his own goal – avenge to the killers of his clan.
This HXH pfp includes many varied Kurapika pictures. But we wanted to highlight those where the boy gets Scarlet Eyes👁💥. It’s his secret mark, that shows his belongings to the Kurta clan.
If you want to know more about Kurapika’s adventures, and the result of his revenge, read manga 📗 or watch anime, and also don’t forget to download this best anime pfp pack.

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