🤟Hi! If you always wanted to have the same room as Arnold🕹, or to visit Scrooge McDuck’s treasury💰, or maybe you wanted to help Darkwing Duck🥷 to investigate the crime, or dreamed about Jackie’s magic talismans🔮, then this aesthetic retro pfp will make your heart beat faster. These cool profile pictures are like a warm breeze from the past, which you feel while reading old forgotten paper✉️ letters or listening to music.   

The cartoons from the 90s can be like good-old friends (for people from the 90s), that you haven’t seen for ages, and when you meet each other, you may talk without words. You can find all your favorite heroes here, like 🐉Jade Chan and 🦘Rocko, Gerald and 👹Ickis, 🦫Daggett, Captain Planet, and others. Some of them were our idols, some scared us, while the third was desired (I’m still looking for my Pokeball⚡️ and magic talismans). But each of them influenced our worldview and personality to some extent. In case you like all these cartoon pfp, you can get all of them and change them every day.

☝️One MORE thing, get ⬆️ these cool pfps and Hat-cha!

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W-Clan: Coz your phone deserves to slay too! 💅