Hunter x Hunter Killua Zoldyck PFP


Hunter x Hunter is one of the most fearsome and best shounen worth everyone’s attention. Each character here is unique, good in its own way and very alive.
Killua Zoldyck is a boy from a family of hereditary assassins. He is a cute boy! Such a cutie, and so strong.
For many, the main character is not Gon, but Killua. Here he is, probably the most sincere in HxH. Fear of death, dissonance, skepticism, condemned by its own side, a naive craving to move mountains for the sake of his first friend. He doesn’t want to save the world, he doesn’t want to save everyone, he wants to save Gon, to be with him. Some global, world problems are alien to him, but his friend constantly gets into all sorts of troubles, because Killua constantly has to participate in all this.
Is that your favorite character too? Then get yourself an aesthetic PFP with a great Killua.

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