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popular tiktok songs 2022

Popular TikTok Songs 2022

Trending Tunes: The Most Viral TikTok Songs of 2022

Hello, everybody! Today we’ll talk to you about the popular📣 TikTok songs 2022 list. By the way, it’s not just statistics from the internet, but a symbiosis of data, our own opinion and tastes, and a bit of magic🪄, because music is always kind of magic.
Our crew prepared this post for all the music lovers. It can be useful to DJs💽🎧🎤, bloggers, and everyone who likes qualitative music and wants to move with the times. In case you like hilarious videos, some videos from this TikTok songs 2022 list can replenish your collection. Moreover, if you like any of the songs below, or you have your own TikTok video related to them, share⤵️ it in the comments below to spread✅ the number of your fans and find like-minded people. So, all words are said, and it means it’s music time!🎵🎶 Set your sound to the high point, because the trending TiktTok songs 2022 are ready to embrace you with their sounds…

The first chord🎵🎶🎼 should be the most memorable. That’s why we use the Oh No TikTok song right here!👈 The track is very dynamic💃🕺 and rhythmical and the video clip contains a colorful, trendy, and eye-catching picture. As a result, Kreepa got a very popular music project with more than 900 thousand views on YouTube🙀. Furthermore, this song, precisely the Oh No exclamation, captured TikTok and became viral immediately. Epic fails, stupid actions and just funny videos are using this song. Even a celebrity like Gordon Ramsay got to this list.
So, if you want to add something really known and worthful to your playlist, this song from our trending TikTok songs 2022 is a must-have.👍

It can be very interesting and useful to know the road to success📈💪🏆 and fame of another person, especially if this person is Jack Harlow – a famous rapper, songwriter, record producer, and philanthropist.
Partly this song is autobiographical, it tells about Harlow’s native region and his path to the stars✨. Jack created it in 2022 and posted a small part on his social media accounts. Very soon that piece became viral on TikTok thus, the success of the full song was guaranteed, and so it happened! The listeners, TikTokers, and our crew appreciate the summer mood radiated by the song, and as a result, it appears in this popular TikTok songs 2022 list.❤️❤️
P.S. you’ll find one more Jack famous track on our list further down.😉

Track number 3️⃣ from the trending TikTok songs 2022 list speaks for itself. You don’t need to look for some undercovered🔍 symbols or meanings. Madonna – is the material girl💰🚗🙋‍♀️, and she lives in the material world. She tried on Marilyn Monroe’s image in that clip, and it became her career business card🎫 for a long time.
Among TikTok videos, there are many parodies and variations based on the original video.

All that glitters is not gold…✨❌🥇
The plot of this famous Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion collab is intriguing and makes you think.🤔 Two gorgeous women💃💃 entice men into their lair to kill them.🤭😱 Not bad, right?
A colorful and eye-catching picture in addition to rocking Megan Thee Stallion’s flow and Dua Lipa’s voice undoubtedly makes this clip one of the top 10 TikTok songs 2022. So, do you need more reasons to add it to your playlist❓

🏃🏃‍♀️Running Up That Hill is a song created by Kate Bush in 1985. It is considered one of the best of her songs. She is a composer, producer, and the author of this popular track.☝️The main idea of the lyrics is a misunderstanding between men and women and trying to make a deal with God🙏 (by the way it was the first original name of the song until the record company persuaded Kate to change it) to solve this problem. Furthermore, in 2022, the song was reborn after it was used in the 4th season of the Stranger Things🔮👿😱 series. As a result, the popularity of the track flies to a new level nowadays. It means it takes place in this TikTok songs 2022 list for a reason.

Do you like rock?🤟🕶🎸 If yes, then this cool song will be on your playlist for sure. House of Memories track created by Panic! At The Disco band in 2016. However, this age doesn’t interfere with the song being in the top 10 TikTok songs 2022 list. Maybe it’s because of the active rocking melody🎼, or the lyrics are timeless. You can find many cheerful and touching TikTok videos with this track. Push the Play▶️ button and rock your memories!

Your life won’t be the same as it was after our popular TikTok songs 2022 list.💯 Because you’ll know more about TikTok music trends 2022 and your playlist may become bigger. And one of the famous tracks that can be added right now is Harry Styles – As It Was song.🎉
Everybody knows that many things can change your life, fame is in particular. It is said that Harry (in this track) describes his lifestyle before and after he became a recognizable singer🎤. How he withdraws from the world and copes with his thoughts and feelings. Want to know more – push Play▶️ and dive into the lyrics.

As I previously told you lots of things can inspire creative people. A great example of it is the history of the Industry Baby song and clip.📣📢 The rumors claim that rapper Lil Nas X, after official settled the lawsuit🎓 between him and Nike.Inc 👟announced his own court hearing. In fact, on the website related to this court hearing took place the presentation of the teaser 📼to his next song Industry Baby. What a wonderful move!👏 By the way, as I previously mentioned, Jack Harlow😎 returned to our popular TikTok songs 2022 because he is featured as a vocal on the release. Thus, if you want to be successful – be creative!😜

Our TikTok songs 2022 list will help you not only save your tears😭💧 but also supplement your playlist with awesome and trending music hits. One such song is right👉 here – Save your tears by The Weeknd.
It’s not just a regular song, but an extremely successful track🥇🎉. First, the number of skillful songwriters, like 📝Abel Tesfaye, 📝Jason Quenneville, 📝Max Martin, and others in addition to notable producers (Oscar Holter, The Weeknd, and Max Marting) plus The Weeknd’s famous vocals🗣 left no chance for the song’s failure. As a result – it was the theme song on WrestleMania 37🤼, the track was number 🏆one in 18 countries, and in the top 10 in 33 countries. Moreover, « Save Your Tears » spent two weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100.
Thus, you may like The Weeknd’s new look or not, but the song is worth listening to for sure!

Girlfriends👩 and boyfriends🧑‍🦱… There are so many broken hearts💔 and passionate 💋✨nights in these words. Also, they’re in the top 10 song inspiration sources.
What About Me by Rex Orange County track can be attributed to this list too. It’s a well-balanced and rocking song that can make you dance from the first chords.💃🕺
By the way, it’s not a regular sad song about love. It’s something more.😻 The deep lyrics, cool melody, and awesome Rex’s flow created the unity of sounds and aesthetics. Since our crew offers only good quality aesthetic projects – this track appearing in our popular TikTok songs 2022 list makes no questions.👍
Thus, this What About Me TikTok song can be the right choice if you want to share your feelings💝❤️💕 with a special person or just to make a viral TikTok video🎥 too.

You shouldn’t stay in the way of an angry woman⛔️👩👿. It’s not the main theme of this song, but can be an additional one. We’re glad to have such a versatile track in our top 10 TikTok songs 2022 list. This Doja Cat TikTok song is a tribute to Nicki Minaj. Moreover, the singer Doja Cat😺 expressed gratitude to Nicki directly in the track!👌
As far as you know, we collected for you only the best TikTok songs 2022, and this one is not an exception. In case of any doubts, check out the amazing Doja Cat rapid-fire🎤 flow, squeaky swag, and quirky inspired by dancehall and bubblegum. If the last sentence sounds like a magic🪄📖 spell for you, then you need to watch this awesome clip and absorb its good vibes, the rest will come soon, maybe.🤷‍♂️

Sometimes mishearing can be useful.👍
SALES is an American guitar indie-pop band.🎸 By the way, we have awesome aesthetic INDIE APP ICONS on our website⚠️, if you are a fan of this movement. But let’s get back to the popular TikTok songs 2022 list. Pope Is a Rockstar by SALES band was created as a song about sexual abuse❌. The meaning is a little hidden, but for the attentive listener, it’s obvious. However, the track is much more known as a – go little rockstar TikTok song.🕶🤘 It’s become viral under this name. And of course, the meaning is also changed. Thus, the author can be happy, because they are very popular among the TikTok audience😻, but the message they wanted to send to the world is partly lost.😿

Finally, we got to the end of our trending TikTok songs 2022 chest. And here you can see the golden written 😻letters that say – 2Pac – Hit ‘Em Up. Literally, it’s one of the 🏆grandest diss tracks ever recorded, because, after its creation, the strained relationship between the ⬅️East Coast and ➡️West Coast became worse👎👿. Also, the rumors said that this song may be the reason why legendary rappers 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. were killed☠️🔫.
You can add this famous track to your playlist as a sign of respect🕯 to its creator 2Pac, and of course because it’s very popular among TikTok songs nowadays.

Thank you for getting acquainted with our popular TikTok songs 2022 list.🙏 We’ve tried to ⚡️highlight the most exciting and interesting songs for you. However, music trends are changeable like the weather☀️🌨❄️🌈, so catch these famous tracks today, because nobody🤷‍♂️ knows where they will be tomorrow.
In case you have any suggestions or questions, please leave your comments below.⤵️
Thanks for your attention!

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