Death Note Light Yagami PFP


☠️💀🧑🏻‍🦱📓 Light Yamagi is the protagonist of the world-famous anime series Death Note. He’s very smart, prudent, and cunning. Light uses people to achieve his goals because he sees no equal person around him. On the other hand, he has a high aim – rid the world of crime🔫. He can do it – because he found the magical 📓 Death Note – that can kill anyone. You can see this haughty 🧐 young man and his Note in this Death Note PFP set.
In a short time, the government suspected something was wrong and sent special agents 🥷🥷🥷 to find the man behind the murders. So, Light began to kill innocent people – the agents following him. You can see good and villain Light in this anime Discord PFP. If you want to know what is next – read manga or watch anime📺. And if you want more Death Note profile pictures with other characters leave your comments, please. Also, don’t forget to download this Light Yagami PFP.

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