Attack on Titan Levi PFP


🧐🫡🗡 The list of Attack on titan characters is big, so we want to introduce you to the new one – Levi Ackerman. As you can judge from this cool PFPS set he’s not an average person.
Levi is the head of the elite squad 🎖 and the most powerful soldier 💪 in the Survey Corps. He is extremely disciplined, and demand discipline, devotion, and order from his subordinates 🫵. Levi’s exactingness very often takes from arrogance, contempt, and brutality concerning others. It can be seen on some of the Levi pfp, especially in his eyes. However, Levi Ackerman highly values human life🫀. He demonstrates it all the time in battles, when he saves 🛡🗡 and helps his soldiers, and was bitterly saddened by the loss 🩸🩸🩸 of his people. Thus, this Levi Ackerman pfp pack may decorate all your profiles, because this is the least this famous commander deserves.
✅ P.S. if you want some more unique Attack On Titan pfp – take a look at this one too. ⬅️

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