Zoom BackgroundsFriday Night Funkin’ Stage Backgrounds for Zoom

Friday Night Funkin’ Stage Backgrounds for Zoom

Get Funky on Zoom: A Guide to Friday Night Funkin’ Stage Backgrounds

Beep, bop, boop… We bring to your attention the Friday Night Funkin’ game backgrounds. These pictures can be sick as backs for zoom meetings. Well, or for something else. All in all, enjoy.

FNF Stage Backgrounds for Zoom

fnf daddy dearest stage background

Daddy Dearest Background - The Stage - Week 1

An empty theater stage with a creaky brown floor. This is where it all started. The first week where Boyfriend and Daddy Dearest met in a rap battle. A great FNF background for those starting this indie game. Red curtains will give your Zoom meeting a formal touch. And those who know Friday Night Funkin' game will understand where you are.

fnf skid pump monster spooky house background

Skid and Pump, Monster Background - Spooky Month - Week 2

A creepy house is the last place where you want to be at night in a thunderstorm. Week 2 is taking place in a moonlit room with a window overlooking spooky tree branches! The perfect ominous Zoom background for Friday Night Funkin' fans to make your conversations dark and mysterious!

fnf pico newgrounds office roof background

Pico Background - Newgrounds Office Roof - Week 3

Week 3 is dedicated to the confrontation between Boyfriend and Pico. When Daddy Dearest hired Pico for revenge, he did not even suspect that they would turn out to be longtime acquaintances with our hero. The rooftop of the office, which overlooks the city, is the place for their battle and the background for your Zoom meetings. Your interlocutors can feel the flow of air from the electric train passing in the background.

fnf mommy the limousine background

Mommy Mearest Background - The Limousine - Week 4

The next week, titled Mommy Must Murder, Boyfriend would face off against Mommy Mearest. Battling on the roof of driving limousines - what can you not do for the sake of a Girlfriend! The cringe dances of 4 Momma's henchmen will give your zoom background an ominousness that turns into a hint of sunset tenderness.

fnf daddy dearest mommy mearest the mall background

Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest Background - The Mall - Week 5

A mall decorated with a Christmas tree for the new year - our festive Friday Night Funkin' background for Zoom! Here was Boyfriend's Battle with Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest, who took over the throne of Santa Claus and held him at gunpoint. That day was the last for Santa.

fnf monster the mall background

Monster Background - The Mall Winter Horrorland - Week 5

The abrupt change of the atmosphere to the creepy one is all the tricks of the Monster! Girlfriend's distorted head on top of a Christmas tree wrapped in guts and covered in blood - a thrill for horror fans! Use this scary Zoom background carefully so as not to scare your interlocutors.

fnf tankman restricted military zone background

Tankman Background - Restricted Military Zone - Week 7

The War and Drought Zone is a veritable wilderness at 7 Weeks Friday Night Funkin'. Steve driving the tank, the watchtower and Tankman's henchmen. And in the distance you can see mountains and buildings destroyed by the war, from which tall columns of smoke rise. Using this free Zoom background, you will create an atmosphere of ruthless war for your interlocutors, in which you never want to find yourself.


FNF Mod Backgrounds

fnf hex phase 1 mod background

Hex Mod Background - Day - Phase 1

fnf hex glitch phase 2 mod background

Hex Mod Background - Glitch - Phase 2

fnf hex night phase 3 mod background

Hex Mod Background - Night - Phase 3

fnf hex sunset phase 4 mod background

Hex Mod Background - Sunset - Phase 4


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