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Tunes of Heartbreak: Exploring Sad TikTok Songs

We are humans🖖, and we can have an assortment of feelings, like happiness😂 and sadness😭, or anger😡 and love😍. Just don’t be obsessed with something one, life is too colorful🌈 to use only one shade daily. And right now we choose the sorrow😔 tint.
Hello everybody! As you guessed, today I want to talk to you about a little personal and widespread topic – sad 🎼songs, and not just any songs, but the ☝️newest sad TikTok songs list.
The theme is personal, because all people from time to time may feel sadness🌧. The reasons can be different from bad weather to a misunderstanding💔 with the soulmate. Moreover, for one person his or her problem may seem to be unsolvable, but to another, it may look like nothing important. Nevertheless, each of us has a reason to be sad.
The popularity of sad songs can be explained according to this. All you need is to 🗝find the right string in a human’s soul and make it consonant with the song lyrics and melody.
The list of Sad TikTok Songs we want to show contains melodic and trendy compositions from different authors. But each of them was able to reach millions of souls and make them think about something hidden from the prying eyes.
So, take your ice-cream🍦 basket or napkins or your own sad mood attributes, we are starting our journey through the cloudy☁️🌩🌧 lands and rainy hills, to the bitter life 💊.

Tom Rosenthal – Lights are On

This song is one of the most emotional😿 on our list. Heart-melting melody🎶 and impactful lyrics make its meaning clear and strengthen. Moreover, the most expressive TikTok users’ videos related to this composition. Take a couple of minutes to listen to it, and maybe it will inspire you to the next top TikTok video.🤔

Sapientdream – Pastlives

Have you ever felt that you know the person you’ve just met for thousands😳 of years and lives? Moreover, you had been looking❤️👀 for her the whole previous time, and finally, you did it – find your love🎉. It may be the red line of this fantastic song. Listen to it, and perhaps you’ll find your own meaning.👂

Katelyn Tarver – You Don’t Know

❗️One of the Top 10 finalists of the TV program American Juniors, actress, and singer-songwriter, Jo Taylor from the Big Time Rush series, and Natalie from the No Ordinary Family series it’s all about the beautiful and talented Katelyn Tarver😻. And of course, she’s the author of the famous «You Don’t Know» track. The song became extremely popular on YouTube and got over 🙀50 million views in 2021. Right now it’s continuing to spread through the TikTok and conquering human hearts with the deep lyrics.❤️❤️❤️😢

[Mellen Gi Remix] feat. Fleurie – In The End

There are some songs that you can recognize from the first sounds. And this talented remix is based on an iconic song, 👍is one of them. You may not even know the name of the author or band, but if you came from the early 2000s you’ve heard it for sure.😌
«In the End» is the most successful🏆 and recognizable song created by the Linking Park band. Today’s cover collab with producer Tommee Profitt, Mellen Gi, and singer Fleurie sounds deep and painful, as it should be with the sad songs. By the way, the original track, despite its depression, shows the cycle♻️ of nature – 🌧💧💦 in the desert revives it. Thus, remember that day☀️ will always come after night…🌙

Zevia – life, i’m over you

Song #4 in our Sad TikTok Songs list will be Zevia – «Life I’m over you». It’s a real melancholy track well known for all the teenagers that lost their first love💔. It seems like the world is ending🌍☄️☠️, and everything is worthless. The young girl is trying to live and move further, even though she knows that it will be hard and sometimes painful, she will do it despite being fed up.💪

Itssvd Shiloh Dynasty – Losing Interest

Lots of mysteries👤 envelop this song. Look only at the Shiloh Dynasty secret. But we won’t be going to do an investigation🔎👣 today, we’ll leave it to our readers and listeners.
The «Losing interest» is a very vital song. Perhaps everyone felt something similar when your soulmate leaves you, or your friends don’t understand you. You literally feel like the whole world becomes gray and cold, and you have to deal with it.
Listen to this song, and maybe you’ll find some more facets of the lyrics.
By the way, if you find some information about the enigmatic Shiloh Dynasty, please share it in the comments below.✍️

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

Sometimes vampires🧛🏻‍♂️ and werewolves🐺 can not just destroy each other, but also be the source of inspiration for something very beautiful🌹. The song «A thousand years» by Christina Perri is such a great example of the feelings created after reading the Twilight series📚. Did you read this famous novel? Or maybe you’ve seen the film? Nevertheless, this song is very popular among TikTok users. The video on YouTube is also very atmospheric. Please leave your comment about your emotions when watching this clip📺. Thus, we will find out whether they coincide with ours or not.👉👈

Johnny Cash – Hurt

The physical suffering🙇 of a creative person often can be realized in some artistic way. For example, this sad Johnny Cash’s cover became very popular and got high music awards, like Grammys.🏆
Talented aged country singer understands his condition (he got serious health problems at that time) and wants to show the paradox🖤🤍 of the world and life. Maybe the melancholic video and charismatic Johny’s voice make this single so popular among Sad TikTok Songs or maybe something else. If you didn’t listen to this soulful track, you may try🔊 – the exhausted, but still, charming Johnny Cash voice is worth it!

Neil Young – Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Mysteries are everywhere🪄, especially around the musician’s sources of inspiration🤷‍♂️. Someone may draw ideas from illegal areas, some from social problems, but ❤️ (predominantly unhappy love) is the number one source of ideas and plots.💡
As I previously said, secrets cover the origin of this song. Somebody believes that it was the reaction to CSNY’s band collapsing💥. While another version is ascribing a sad track to the 💔split between Graham Nash (the author’s close friend) and Joni Mitchell. Let’s leave the history to scientists, and enjoy this heartbreaking song. It can take a worthy place in your sad TikTok songs list, of course, if you like love ballads.🎸

The Smiths – I Know It’s Over

If you were an attentive reader📖, you may notice that we were moving in the backward direction🔙 in this Sad TikTok Songs post. Nevertheless, all the records are familiar to your sad-mood heart melody. Firstly it means that in any period people can be sad😭, and secondly – that music is multicultural🥷🤝🧝‍♂️ and timeless emotion understandable for everyone. As a result, you can listen to this «bleakest ballad» created by The Smiths band in 1985 and clearly understand it, like it’s not 2022 right now. This is amazing! You can almost feel the author’s emotions and the song lyrics find a response in your soul.
P.S. Try this song in your TikTok singing video. With the right attitude, it can be viral.⚠️

The Boxer – Simon & Garfunkel

The darkest hour before dawn…
Everyone wants to find his path🛤 and build his own happy life. However, very often, people should move through pain, loneliness, fear👿, and other troubles on the way to their goal. This folk-rock🤟 ballad is exactly about such a boy’s struggle. The boy wanted to find his place in this world but was faced with disadvantaged people, like the homeless and prostitutes. Nevertheless, when everything seems to be lost, he meets the boxer🥊, that inspires him to fight⚔️ for his values and move further.
I’m happy that such a good and inspirational song replenishes our Sad TikTok Songs list. Push the 🕹▶️»Play» button and enjoy.

Bruce Springsteen – The River

Bruce Springsteen is a legendary singer🎤 who created many awesome songs – The River song is one of them. This track was nominated for the 🥇🏆Grammy Awards in 1982. But in humans’ hearts, it took top📈 charts with its lyrics and melody even today. There is no need to describe the words because they are too pure💎. The same thing with music. However, the harmonica part sounds🎶🎵 especially deep and heart-breaking. Nonetheless, it’s my favorite😻 part of the song. Due to this our Sad TikTok Songs list wouldn’t be completed without this masterpiece lyric work.

Dolly Parton – Me and Little Andy

Sandy’s and her little puppy🐶 Andy’s story is a great example of a sad song. ❗️No kids in any country mustn’t see and become a part of such situations❗️. Unfortunately, it takes place in our imperfect world😔. In case the song’s lyrics didn’t touch you, then take into account that the majority of themes for the songs, Dolly Parton took from real life☝️, like her friends or neighbors’ life stories. Not for nothing this one composition is finishing the Sad TikTok Songs list. Because, according to psychologists🥸, the human mind mostly remembers the first and the last part, so they should be the most meaningful. And the meaning of this song is unsociable huge.😱😭

On this 🎵🎶, our Sad TikTok Songs list is ending. As you can understand, the variety of songs and reasons to be sad is huge. You just need to find the one you like, and the rest is up to you. Or enjoy it in a quiet lonely place to realize and let go of your sadness, or 📲switch on your TikTok camera and create a music video, to share your vocal with the world.
Also, you can be sure that people from different countries and even continents🗺, with the same sadness, would understand you – because there is no time or other borders🚧 for true soulful music.🎼🎻🎧
Our Sad TikTok Songs list is not very long, so if you have some more interesting tracks, please leave your comments.⤵️ Moreover, you may write✍️ about other awesome lists, like – vintage or happy songs☺️, you want to see here, thus we will find out what’s interesting for you.
Thanks for your attention!🙏

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