Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki PFP


Today we want to share with you our Kaneki Ken🧛🏻‍♂️ Tokyo Ghoul pfp set. It’s a fresh project and our crew immediately brought it here.
Tokyo Ghoul is an anime and manga about today’s world in which strange and horrible creatures👿👹👺 – ghouls live next to people. And Ken Kaneki is the protagonist of this anime and manga series and this Tokyo Ghoul pfp pack too. He was a student who studied Japanese literature at Kamii University, and everything was fine, till one fatal 🙀night. During this night, Ken’s life changed drastically. He found himself between life👍 and death👎. However, it wasn’t the worst thing. To save him, doctors made the operation🩹🩺💉 of transplantation after which the young boy became a half-ghoul or one-eyed ghoul👻. Since then everything modified. After Ken was caught and tortured⛓🩸 by the Aogiri organization his appearance changed too.
You can see all these transformations in our black anime pfp set. Our crew tried to highlight all the most important Ken’s looks during this anime series. Moreover, it’s not just a regular aesthetic anime pfp project or entertaining anime or mange. It’s a sad😿 story with deep meaning. Thus you may watch this anime or read mange to find out everything, but don’t forget to download✅ this Ken Kaneki pfp set to support 💪this young man in his hard life obstacles.

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