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Meet, this is Sonic The Hedgehog🦔⚡️ – the main hero of this iPhone Sonic wallpaper. You may notice, that Sonic differs from the average game or movie character. And you are right because it’s a special art edition😮 for all his followers and people who prefer qualitative and custom wallpapers.
This Sonic art wallpaper set represents our favorite hedgehog from the best side. His head is high, and the look👀 is calm and a little defiant, which means Sonic is ready to act. Maybe it will be one more fight🤜🤛 with Dr. Robotnik, another saving world mission, or something else. Nevertheless, Sonis is steadfast in his intention to help his friends 🤝and all who need help. If you want to support him, press the button and get this cool Sonic wallpaper pack.🦔⚡️⚡️⚡️

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