Purple Witchy Wallpapers


Another variation of the theme of the witchy wallpaper.🧙‍♀️ Each of these works is unique and has its own history. Sometimes we can understand immediately what exactly the author wanted to say, and sometimes we need much more time to unravel the full depth of his intention. In the same way, every woman and girl has a natural gift,🍀 although often she doesn’t even know about it. Take a look at these wonderful purple wallpapers, they seem to breathe mystery and 🔮magic. The sun☀️ and the dagger are an interesting combination, aren’t they? Perhaps the author of these cool purple wallpapers wanted to show that the sun’s rays, like daggers, break the veil of darkness​👤​ every morning, or the sun knife symbolizes knowledge📚 that can cut the fetters of ignorance. By the way, in the Middle Ages, educated women were often mistaken for witches👹… Fortunately, we do not live in the dark ages, so quickly download these cool purple wallpapers on your smartphone and maybe you can also plunge into the endless secrets of the universe…🪐☄️

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