Pastel Lines Wallpapers


Hello! Today we want to show you one of our new ambiguous🥸 works – pastel lines wallpaper set. At first, glance it seems, that there is nothing imprecise in this pack, just colorful straight lines and nothing more. However, the WClan team likes to intrigue🎪. As a result, we created this color lines wallpaper set as a part of a brainstorming activity. Interesting, isn’t it? This training will help you to increase🦾 your creativeness level. Yes, it works, and no, these colored lines are not magic spells✨🪄, like Lumos or Expeliarmus. They’re just lines and your imagination. All you have to do is to create in your mind a variety of doodles👾 or pictures, or subjects using these lines. It can be hard at the beginning, but the result is not far away. Oh, and don’t forget to download our iPhone pastel wallpaper pack to start your practice. Good luck!👍

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