Homer Simpson Backs Into Bushes Wallpapers


Homer Simpson Backs Into Bushes Wallpapers


Do you also like the memes about funny Homer Simpson so much that you decided to find phone wallpapers with him? Oh, yeah! 🍩

This incident happened in an episode titled “Homer Loves the Flanders”. Where Homer Simpson invited his neighbors to hang out, but they turned him down. 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️ After that, a popular meme appeared, in which Homer gradually retreats, backs into bush and completely hides in it. 🍃 Most often, the meme is used as a GIF, but the Simpsons pictures and wallpapers for phone with it are also popular. 📱👌

In this wallpapers set with the Simpsons meme, we displayed a situation in which Homer disappears into the bushes. 🍃 For the lock screen, you may use the main wallpaper on which Homer is visible. And for the home screen, the background with the bushes in which Homer is hiding is perfect. 👍

Do you feel how Homer Simpson wallpaper reflects your introvert behavior? Or just enjoy the fun of this meme? 😁  Then download cool HD wallpapers to your phone faster! Until they disappeared into the bushes! 🍃

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