Hilda and Twig Yellow Wallpapers


Meet teal blue Hilda – she can’t spend a day without adventure! 🥾 She is a very brave and curious girl, so she is almost never at home. 🌲 And so we captured her on a cool cell phone wallpaper. 📲 She spends whole days together with a little elf Alfur 🧝 and deer-fox Twig 🦊 exploring the surroundings, first in the wilderness, and then Trolberg. And her mother worries about her more and more every time … In general, Hilda is no stranger, she is constantly surrounded tiny elves, trolls 👹, giants 🏔, sea spirits 🌊, and suspicious tree people. 🌳 Such is the life of an adventurer.
The series Hilda is based on the Hildafolk comic 📚 (in Icelandic Huldufolk, where huldu – “hiding, secret” and folk – “people”, as in Icelandic mythology they call elves).
You will feel joy by downloading our aesthetic wallpapers! Of course, coziness with a friend is even more appreciated. 🙌

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