Gudetama Yellow Wallpapers


🥚🥚🥚 These cute yellow wallpapers show the Gudetamas trio. Gudetama is a very intriguing Sanrio character created by Nagashima Emi designer. The main idea of this egg-looking character is to show the youth generation is tired of everything 😴🥱😪 – from life, from work, and the challenges of this world… These Gudetama wallpapers have the triple power of tiredness because you can see three Gudetamas here. How do you think, did the author make a good job? What do you feel, when you look at these pictures?
On the other hand, if you like fried eggs 💛🧡, you can use this set too. Thus ✅ download these cute Sanrio wallpapers and let these tasty yellow dudes make you want to eat, but not too tired.

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