FNF Hex Wallpapers


✋Hey! We are continuing to introduce you to the Friday Night Funkin’ world. Today our guest is Hex📺. He’s another intriguing character embodied on our FNF Hex background wallpapers.

He is a robot🤖🦾🦿, with a TV instead of a head. Is it an accident or a hidden author’s message? But, let’s get back to the robot. Hex was created for the lonely Rich Guy’s request, to become his friend🤝. The wish came true, but the Rich Guy’s death ruined it. After that Hex was lonely😥. He likes karaoke and basketball🏀, which is depicted on this FNF Hex wallpaper pack. By the way, 16’s the number on his uniform. Hex’s always ready to sing🎤 and play. And our cool FNF wallpapers are always ready to be downloaded to your smartphone!

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