CatDog x Nyan Cat Wallpapers


CatDog 🐈🦮 wallpaper with rainbow from Nyan Cat is a strange cat and dog hybrid living in an absurd world filled with fantastic characters, paradoxical 🙃 events, and exciting adventures. You can install these awesome phone wallpapers just for that. Two personalities are united in the body of CatDog, each with its character and addictions. The 🐱 loves cleanliness and order. He is intelligent, cunning, and well-mannered but with snobbish manners 🧐. The 🐶 is a naive, cheerful idiot who loves to eat, wallow in puddles, listen to hard rock 🎸, watch an all-terrain vehicle TV show, and chase a garbage truck. Despite such radically different approaches to life, like this phone background with the Cat and the Dog, they love each other and make peace as quickly as they quarrel. Due to its controversial nature, CatDog constantly finds itself in various ridiculous and funny situations!

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