Batman Dark Purple Wallpapers


Epic👑 wallpapers should show epic heroes🦸. That’s why you are looking at Batman iPhone wallpapers right now) This pack seems dark. If you are familiar with Batman’s comix series, you’ll know that they’re gloomy.👾👿⚫️ In my opinion, it’s one of the main differences between the Marvel and DC universes. But let’s get back to our frowning character. Together with Superman, Batman is one of the most popular and 💪🦾famous superheroes. They even fought🥊 each other and Bruce won. Ooops…Haven’t you seen the movie? You should do it, but only after installing ⤵️these cool batman wallpapers on your phone. By the way, where does the hero on the second and third screens go? What do you think? Maybe he is saving the 🌍 one more time.

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