Aurora Pink Minimalist Wallpapers


The tangled fate of the Disney princess Aurora👑 we all know from childhood. She was cursed by an evil fairy Maleficent 👹 because she wasn’t invited to Aurora’s christening. However, Merryweather – Aurora’s godmother and good fairy, changed the curse a little, so it wasn’t soo terrible 😲. Thus, the princess wouldn’t die at the age of sixteen, as it should have been in the beginning, but would fall asleep, until handsome Prince Phillip (Aurora’s true love😍) kissed her and crushed the spell.
The original story is ancient, but even nowadays, producers and screenwriters use it in their movies and cartoons. One of the newest interpretations is the Maleficent film with Angelina Jolie as the title character. 💋
But the original cartoon princess is in demand too. Simply take a look at this aesthetic pink wallpaper set. It’s created with appropriate colors and one of Aurora’s motivational quotes.
✅ Download this Disney princess wallpaper pack and be couraged and kind.

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