🐱🐭🐰🐻🐻‍❄️☠️Happy Tree Friends is American adult animated web series. It shows the life of a group of animals in the forest🌲🌳🌴. And everything would be fine, but in each episode, someone or they all are dying 🪦⚰️ in weird situations. This funny PFP set includes many of the Happy Tree Friends characters, like unofficial yellow mascot Cuddles🐰, blue skunk perfectionist Petunia🦨, green male bear veteran Flippy🐻, anthropomorphic moose Lumpy🦌, etc. They all have varied characters and may cause the death of others anytime. ✅ Download any of these epic characters from our cool PFP for TikTok, Discord, or Facebook if you like this controversial web series.

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