Don’t mess with Spartan, especially if his name is Kratos. 😤🗡🛡
Kratos is the main antihero and protagonist of the God of War game🕹. He became so famous that appearing in this Kratos PFP set was only a question of time.
Kratos was born in Sparta and earned the title of general🎖🎖🎖 for his combat and tactical skills. However, one day, under the spell of the Greek God Ares, he accidentally killed his wife and daughter. Since then, Kratos began his hunting of Greek Gods.
Our God of War PFP set includes both Kratos versions – during his Greek and Norse🎅🏻 adventures. Moreover, you can find modern Spartan in a suit and tie too. Thus, get this aesthetic Discord PFP if you like this game and character.

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