Dare to face the last member of Yakshas -the mysterious Xiao πŸ₯·. Xiao and his enigmatic story are the main inspirational cores of this Genshin Impact pfp set. It’s very little known about this handsome game character. He’s not a God, that has billions of followersπŸ™, but his role and power may be frightening to most Gods😧😦😯. The point is that Xiao or Alatus fights with such monstrous evilπŸ‘Ώ, that can wipe out all living things. So, do you see the power and energy hidden in this Xiao Genshin Impact pfp pack?
The W-Clan crew took the best Alatus pictures and prepared this project for all game fans, and people that prefer a custom aesthetic anime pfp. In addition to traditional Xiao pfp you can find some πŸ‘€ or chibi profile pictures. Hence, even the most demanding users will be satisfied πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ€ with these cool PFPS.

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