Have you ever thought 🤔 about why people like to use default aesthetic pfp? Our crew was thinking about this question and prepared the default pfp aesthetic pack with a couple of our thoughts. 💡
People may choose default pfp because it has no face 👤 details. And it allows users to transfer themselves into these heroes, in the case of these profile pictures. Simply, look at ⚡️ Flash’s Discord default pfp. You know it’s his costume, but who is under the costume?
The other reason for using our TikTok default pfp set is willing to redecorate the profile but without unnecessary details. Everybody will recognize Super Mario, Naruto, or Homer Simpson 🍩 outlines. So there’s no need for more components.
And the last but not least explanation is why people choose our default Instagram aesthetic pfp. Because they like 😻😻😻 their high quality and creativity.
Thus, you may select the best point for yourself together with an ✅ awesome default pfp.

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W-Clan: Coz your phone deserves to slay too! 💅