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Anime App Icons for Android & iOS 14 Home Screen

Free Anime App Icons for Your Home Screen

Kon’nichiwa, my dear anime fans! Here I propose to conveniently and carefully consider the anime icons that are included in the Anime App Icons set.

Anime App Icons for iPhone and Android

You can Download Free Anime App Icons Here 📲  in the archive or install them in a few taps (for iOS 14).

Here’s the ❓ Instruction.

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Currently, the anime icon set consists of 70 custom icons.

Anime App Icons Among Us

Anime Icon Among Us

The mobile game about space, murder, and the search for impostors, so popular in 2020-21, is worthy of being included in our set of app icons. There were ideas to make a custom Crewmember skin in the style of some of the anime characters (for example, Naruto). But then the mischief came to me that for the icon of the game, where every Character can wait for the sudden death, the Shinigami Ryuk is ideal, who, if not the God of Death, walks behind every character of the game Among Us.

Anime App Icons WebToon

Anime Icon WebToon

Where to read your favorite manga ?! Of course, in one of the most popular communities of comics lovers WEBTOON. So grab this icon for your home screen before Meliodas from The Seven Deadly Sins takes it for himself.

Anime App Icons Settings

Anime Icon Settings

Kakashi Hatake from the Naruto anime is well suited for the Setting app icon. A stern, smart and reserved young guy who knows his business very well and is always ready to help others. And his ashy hair blends perfectly with the icon's gray color.

Anime App Icons Safari

Anime Icon Safari

Look at the colors of the Safari browser icon arrow. Does it remind you of anything? Yep! Those are the colors of the awesome Shoto Todoroki's hairstyle from the MHA series. Quick thinking, good training, and a nice looking Shoto for icy and fiery web surfing with the new Safari anime icon.

Anime App Icons Spotify

Anime Icon Spotify

The green and black colors of the Spotify icon reminded me of Tanjiro Kamado's haori coloring from the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. So the brave, kind and determined demon slayer Tanjiro rushes through Spotify's icon. Cutting through its green circle with his water and flame styles, which gives it the recognizable stripes of Spotify's logo.

Anime App Icons Discord

Anime Icon Discord

The teenage hero Hitoshi Shinso from the anime My Hero Academia is perfect for the Discord app icon. He can easily strike up a conversation with anyone, and his Quirk allows him to take control of the minds of people who respond to him, perfectly. And the final ironclad argument is that his indigo hair fits perfectly into the background of the Discord icon. And yeah, I think Hitoshi's hairstyle would be perfect for the dude from the Discord logo!

Anime App Icons Instagram

Anime Icon Instagram

A pink-haired Saiki Kusuo from the anime The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. graces the gradient Instagram app icon. This high-schooler with all kinds of psychic powers holds out his hand through the lens of the Instagram logo to show you the minds and lives of Instagram users.

Anime App Icons Messages

Anime Icon Messages

Levi Ackerman is not very sociable and would prefer a short and quick text message instead of a phone call. That's why he's on the Messages icon. I advise you to keep order in your messages, and be less messy there, coz the custom app icon with Captain Levi will obviously not be happy about it. P.S. Will you be able to make out what Levi says! (unless of course you're from Japan).

Anime App Icons Pinterest

Anime Icon Pinterest

We take the Pinterest logo and replace with it the big moon that shone majestically behind Itachi Uchiha's silhouette from the Naruto anime. It looks perfect to me. Minimalism and a reference to the beautiful Naruto anime frame in the new custom Pinterest icon. If you still have a better idea for a Pinterest app icon, share it in the comments.

Anime App Icons Maps

Anime Icon Maps

To run like hell in Naruto-style, we may still need a map. To make sure that running is in the right direction. We decided to combine the Naruto hero with Maps app icon for all ninja running fans.

Anime App Icons Twitter

Anime Icon Twitter

For an Twitter anime app icon, there's a perfect contender, this is Happy from the anime Fairy Tail. Everything fits here, the color of this blue cat, his magical ability to fly, thanks to his fluffy wings (like the Twitter bird), and his ability to defuse any situation with his energetic and cheerful ``Aye!``.

Anime App Icons Uber

Anime Icon Uber

I've been dreaming of taking a ride on the magic cat-bus from the great cartoon My Neighbor Totoro since I was a kid. That's why there can only be such a custom icon for the Uber app. Every time I call a cab, I'll be hoping that this amazing cat-taxi driver will be waiting for me on the road.

Anime App Icons Apple Music

Anime Icon Apple Music

Who else but Kyoka Jiro is suitable for the custom Music icon? She's talented, just like her parents adore music, and just look, she has earphone jacks dangling from her ears. This is definitely the hero this anime icon deserves. Daring Hearing Hero: Earphone Jack from the anime MHA with her jacks gives a positive vibes from the Apple Music icon.

Anime App Icons Amazon

Anime Icon Amazon

Hey, who's that in the Amazon shopping cart? That's right, it's the kind and nurturing wolf Legoshi from the anime Beastars. I wonder if Legoshi is here to buy his favorite egg sandwiches or if he's just out for a ride in the cart. But overall he looks funny on a custom Amazon anime icon.

Anime App Icons Calendar

Anime Icon Calendar

Someone once said - Life is like a zebra. There are white and black stripes on it. And that is the philosophy of life. Black and white go hand in hand. Like the Yin-Yang sign. So for the custom Calendar icon we have a black and white robotic bear Monokuma from the anime Danganronpa. His appearance is a prime example of the above proverb

Anime App Icons Google Maps

Anime Icon Google Maps

For the custom Google Maps icon we have Saitama from the anime One-Punch Man. He is capable of surpassing even Light Flash in terms of speed. So let the power of this superhero help you get through your destination faster, and the power of Google Maps give you great navigation!

Anime App Icons App Store

Anime Icon App Store

Anime App Icons Calculator

Anime Icon Calculator

Anime App Icons Camera

Anime Icon Camera

Anime App Icons Chick-fil-A

Anime Icon Chick-fil-A

Anime App Icons Clock

Anime Icon Clock

Anime App Icons Contacts

Anime Icon Contacts

Anime App Icons Etsy

Anime Icon Etsy

Anime App Icons Facebook

Anime Icon Facebook

Anime App Icons Facetime

Anime Icon Facetime

Anime App Icons Files

Anime Icon Files

Anime App Icons Snapchat

Anime Icon Snapchat

Anime App Icons Fitness

Anime Icon Fitness

Anime App Icons Gmail

Anime Icon Gmail

Anime App Icons Google Calendar

Anime Icon Google Calendar

Anime App Icons Google Chrome

Anime Icon Google Chrome

Anime App Icons Google

Anime Icon Google

Anime App Icons Health

Anime Icon Health

Anime App Icons iTunes Store

Anime Icon iTunes Store

Anime App Icons LinkedIn

Anime Icon LinkedIn

Anime App Icons Lyft

Anime Icon Lyft

Anime App Icons Messenger

Anime Icon Messenger

Anime App Icons Netflix

Anime Icon Netflix

Anime App Icons News

Anime Icon News

Anime App Icons Notes

Anime Icon Notes

Anime App Icons PayPal

Anime Icon PayPal

Anime App Icons Phone

Anime Icon Phone

Anime App Icons Photos

Anime Icon Photos

Anime App Icons Reddit

Anime Icon Reddit

Anime App Icons Reminders

Anime Icon Reminders

Anime App Icons Shortcuts

Anime Icon Shortcuts

Anime App Icons Starbucks

Anime Icon Starbucks

Anime App Icons TikTok

Anime Icon TikTok

Anime App Icons Tinder

Anime Icon Tinder

Anime App Icons Uber Eats

Anime Icon Uber Eats

Anime App Icons VSCO

Anime Icon VSCO

Anime App Icons W-Clan

Anime Icon W-Clan

Anime App Icons Wallet

Anime Icon Wallet

Anime App Icons Walmart

Anime Icon Walmart

Anime App Icons Watch

Anime Icon Watch

Anime App Icons Weather

Anime Icon Weather

Anime App Icons WhatsApp

Anime Icon WhatsApp

Anime App Icons YouTube

Anime Icon YouTube

Anime App Icons Apple TV

Anime Icon Apple TV

Anime App Icons Find My

Anime Icon Find My

Anime App Icons Compass

Anime Icon Compass

Anime App Icons Google Maps 2

Anime Icon Google Maps (Roronoa Zoro)

Anime App Icons Home

Anime Icon Home

Anime App Icons Measure

Anime Icon Measure

Anime App Icons Pokemon Go

Anime Icon Pokemon GO


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